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How Marketing can help Small to Mid-Size Business


The most important aspect of measuring the penetration of any business is measured in how well the business meets its growth. For small and medium sized enterprises, growth is a vital parameter because;

  1. a) It is a sign of how sure-footed the company is becoming by showing the amount of impact it is making among the target consumers.
  2. b) It is an indicator of success of the business strategies, and
  3. c) It gives a valid estimation of how likely a business is to survive the current economy and thrive to either become a huge company or remain top in its field.

A well framed business plan has a marketing strategy that ensures all the above by boosting sales and revenue. It acts as a forecast for market trends and consumer preferences well enough in advance that a business can preempt implementing measures that allow it to stay ahead of the general curve. In exceptional marketing strategy instances the business can actually cause these trends and influence consumer preferences by presenting their products in a novel way that captures the attention of consumers thereby creating demand that the business can satisfy.

For small and mid-size businesses there are some aspects related to size that favor them more than big companies when it comes to gaining a firm foundation. These include greater flexibility, innovation freedom and personalized attention to client needs.

Any marketing strategy employed should play to these strengths and encourage the development of an inclusive and personal client-company environment and business practices.